PL9 – 15th June 2002.

Posted by admin in Property Letters | June 15th 2002

Property Letter no 9.

As and when I have a chance to write a few words relevant to our French Property venture, I do.

I was encouraged yesterday because Vicky and I had decided that returning to Cannes for just two nights we would take a small hotel rather than stay with our friends in Menton again, as it’s at least an hour away. So before we left we identified a couple of modest but pleasant hotels, took their cards and rates, and yesterday I phoned them both. Neither could accommodate us because both are full the whole of next week as there are conferences on. Mid June – that was great news for me!! So we phoned the Tourist Information Office in a village we have got to know about 10 km from Cannes, called Mougins, and asked for their list of B&B’s, which we proceeded to phone one by one, and only got a room for the two nights on the third try.

We have been working a little on a future web site. We have opened a as a starter, and we plan to open up an shortly. We’ve more or less decided to call our Management Company Azur-Accom and I attach a sample Logo which if it becomes the final one will head the web site.

We will run our business as Azur –Accom as far as the world is concerned, and use that site for all our marketing, promotion, accommodation information, and on-line bookings and payments etc.

It’s other function will be for you as property owners to access all the booking and financial details specific to your property. You will have your own user name and password which only you will know, to get into the pages dealing with your own property. We hope as time progresses to be able to post there on a regular basis all details specific to your property. You should be able to check bookings, receipts and payments etc. once we establish all the links between the accounts package and the web site. It should become immediate, but it may take some time for us to reach that point, as we will not be wanting to spend a fortune on sophisticated software to start with. Much will have to be manual initially and develop over time.

I have had an e-mail today to say that there are another four properties for us to view on Monday. I’m excited about our return there now, and hopeful of seeing some good apartments.

Love from us both, Guy and Vicky.

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