PL22 – 19th March 2003.

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Dear All,

Anyone wanting to be “delisted” please tell me. I can’t get your farm back, but I will take you off my mailing list.(Apologies to those of you who have not had your farm “listed” or “delisted”)

Vicky and I are both back in Cape Town now with the family. Lovely to be home. We leave for France again just after Easter.

Lao and Katherine are settling in to life in Cannes with a great feeling of optimism and confidence in the future.

In our closing days in Cannes it became ever more frantic as apartments that we had been trying to get to see suddenly came out of the woodwork.
The selection that are below are all reasonably priced for what they are, and all worth making a lower offer on. Especially in the current climate where war is brewing, and the French particularly are feeling awkward. There is no guarantee that a low offer will not be laughed off as insulting, but the agent is obliged to make it on your behalf if we ask him to, and it will normally reveal whether the seller is prepared to negotiate at all. And surprises sometimes happen. We will include what we would consider to be a cheeky offer, but you can offer what you like.

We have seen a number of stunning apartments that are in a higher price bracket, but are not going to waste time adding them now, unless by individual request. Mostly because the higher we go in price, for the moment, the more unsure we are of being able to rent them out sufficiently well to cover their costs. That may change because there are people making good returns renting out very expensive properties to well heeled clients, but we don’t know that market yet. Where you intend to make use of the apartment or villa for your own family some of the time, and rent it for part of the year, and are able to budget to pay some of the annual costs out of private funding, and where capital growth is the most important issue, it changes things.

We are still trying to locate the properties that are so well priced, may need some renovation, but have the essentials required to most likely enable them to pay for themselves quickly, earn income for their owners, and show impressive capital appreciation. Asking a lot? Yes. Possible? We have no doubt. And will the smaller units or the bigger ones perform better? The smaller ones will.

Please advertise us to all your friends and contacts worldwide. Cannes is a great place to visit, and we will look after them, meet and greet them, and guarantee them a wonderful experience.

With love/kindest regards,

Guy and Vicky.

Rue Freres Pradignac (13 Residence des Jardins)
Studio – 31 sq.m.
Balcony – 6 sq.m.
Asking Price – 116 000€. (Suggest offer 98 000 citing much work to be done)
A studio apartment in a perfect position.
It is one block from the Croisette and only a few minutes from the Palais Des Festival by foot.
It overlooks Rue Freres Pradignac from the second floor – Rue F.P. being a little one way street jammed with pedestrians and some of the greatest little restaurants and shops. The street is charming,and the immediate area is vibrant and exciting.
The apartment looks South across the street at a well maintained period building – 1920’s
The apartment needs refurbishment as it’s a little tired, but structurally it is sound.
There is a tiny kitchen which lends itself to opening up into an open-plan kitchen, and there is ample storage cupboarding in the hallway.
The bathroom is well presented – little work to be done there.
A nice balcony with table and chairs overlooks the lively street.

Rue Jean Cresp.
One bedroom apartment – 40 sq.m.
Balcony – spacious, West facing
Asking Price – 131 000€. (Suggest offer 110 000 citing much work to be done)
A one bedroomed apartment in Palm Beach, on Rue Jean Cresp, which is a private street with boom at both ends, so only accesible to the vehicles of owners or holders of the remote control which opens the boom. Parking is ensured and security particularly good.
It is on the 2nd floor of a 2 storey block – most of the blocks on this road are low.
The block is a few minutes walk to the beack on either side of the peninsula – West is the Croisette, and East looks towards Cap d’Antibes.
Like everything else in Palm Beach, it is 10 – 15 minutus walk along the Croisette to the Palais Des Festival.
Either side of this low block is another 2 storey apartment block, and just the other side of the Northern one is the sports complex where the annual international Equestrian Event is held, forming part of the European circuit of jumping, dressage, etc. (i.e. 150 m. away from the apartment)
From the back of the flat one looks out over spacious school grounds.
From the front balcony, one looks over the wide and very quiet street at the buildings which line the Croisette. They are 5/6 storey buildings, but set well forward on the Croisette, so their backs are not close to Jean Cresp, and there is no feeling of being closed in at all. On the contrary, the buildings are of good quality, and are attractive, interspaced with palm trees and gardens.
The building has no lift, but it is low, the stairs are wide, and it doesn’t need one.
The apartment was last decorated in the 70’s and needs to be stripped and redone from scratch.

Rue Ricord Laty.
One bedroom apartment – 40 sq.m.
Balcony – East facing
Asking Price – 129 600€. (Suggest offer 115 000)
Good apartment on the upper (wider) end of Palm Beach peninsula, and close to the Eastern, Antibes-facing beaches and Moure Rouge Port and boatyards.
Distance to Palais Des Festival is the same as from the apartments which we own around Place de’l Etang.
It is on the 4th floor of a 5 floor building, with a small view of the sea.
It is in good condition and will require only cosmetic work, and furnishing.
Kitchen is open-plan.
Nice open balcony looks East towards Antibes.

La Presque Isle on Ave de Lerins.
One bedroom apartment – 40 sq.m.
Very big terrace/balcony – 12 sq.m.
Asking Price – 149 400€. (Suggest offer 140 000 including all furniture and household goods as is)
Palm Beach.
This is a very clean and nice apartment with nothing to be done to it and the kitchen comes fully equipped.
It is well and tastefully furnished and there is the option to buy the flat fully equipped, probably at a very attractive price. In that case, there would be almost no additional expenditure, and immediate rental.
The balcony overlooks the quiet avenue which departs obliquely from Ave Lerins, although the apartment block entrance is just on Ave Lerins.
It is on the 1st floor of a very well maintained 4 storey building.
The apartment is double glazed against sound and the weather with wide open sliding doors onto the balcony from bedroom and sitting room, and electric shutters.
The balcony looks west over the street.
There is a cellar for storage that belongs to the apartment.

Le Moure Rouge on Rue Cros Vieil.
One bedroom apartment – 48 sq.m.
Terrace – 20 sq.m.
Asking Price – 210 000€. (Suggest offer 195 000 including furniture and all household goods as is)
Palm Beach.
Lovely apartment, ground floor with huge terrace and braai area, and a 40sq.m. garden, hedged in from the road.
It looks South East across the yaught basin and beaches facing Antibes, and the sea to the Islands of St Honorat and St Marguerite.(Les Iles Lerins)
It is a very clean and lovely apartment, very light, electric shutters all around, double glazed, alarmed, fully equipped modern kitchen.
Lovely marble floors.
The very good furniture could be negotiated, and may be very good value.
There is a cellar for storage.

Fifth (top) floor apartment in Le Beach. Ave de Lerins.
Two bedroom apartment – 55 sq.m.
Huge wrap-around terrace – 21 sq.m.
Asking price – 181 000€ (Suggest offer 150 000 citing much work to complete it)
Very sunny and light apartment, with heaps of space.
The South facing portion of the balcony is well glassed in with good modern safety glass and aluminium – on the roof and sides – to form an all-weather outside are of 11sq.m.
The west facing curved portion of the balcony is open – 10 sq.m.
It is on the quiet side of the building, looks toward the Croisette but its view of the sea to the West is interrupted by the buildings on the Croisette, with courtyards between. Nice view of the Place de l’Etang.
It needs a lot of work and possible redesigning. Structurally it is sound, but I would make changes to the design of the bathroom and the kitchen area. The two bedrooms are fine. Living area very light and large. Needs reglazing with safety glass on all doors opening onto the balcony.
Great position. Great space. Well worth investing (possibly 30 000€) in quality improvements to create something very special.

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