Property Letter Sept 27th 2004

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Dear All, I have not written for a while for a couple of reasons. Although the summer has been busy for us, generally businesses on the Cote d’Azur almost close as key personnel head off on holiday making it hard to get much constructive work done. Secondly there is remarkably little on the market! All… Read more

Property Taxes in France

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The two principal taxes on residential property are collected by the State for the benefit of the local authorities The main taxes are taxe foncière taxe d’habitation These are specific to residential propety. Commercial property is a bit different, and wont be gone into here. These taxes are each assessed annually, and they vary in… Read more


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This week Iraq is under attack which seems incredible and unbelievable, especially as it plays out on our TV screens. However most important decisions are made under conditions of uncertainty, and they will inevitably cause us anxiety and concern. Our ability to act in spite of our fears will determine whether we succeed or fail…. Read more