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Posted by admin in The Companies | September 12th 2005

The group of companies were set up as a family business, which has naturally grown from small beginnings …
We have visited the Cote d’Azur for many years and have good and long term friends here. But before we started buying we travelled up and down the length of it. We looked at Nice, Villefranche which we love, Monaco, Menton, Cagnes sur Mer, Antibes, Baai des Ange, and Juan les Pins. But every piece of investment intelligence we could gather pointed us at Cannes, and within Cannes, at the Croisette. Consequently all of the apartments we have bought now are within a stones throw of the Croisette or inside it. All are within 15 minutes walk of the Palais des Festival.

We saw very little chance of covering our mortgages, let alone the rest of our costs, from summer and possible occasional out of season lucky rents. We had to get to the festival/conference delegates. Hosting delegates and business people really is major business in Cannes, and accommodation for is difficult, especially for those who don’t feel comfortable speaking French. Also surprisingly the service and backup offered is generally shoddy, so with a little normal attention to detail and care, we are already finding that our customers and guests are delighted.

We continue to rely heavily on a great deal of very good professional help and the best advice we can get from our accountants, lawyers, experienced agents, friends and family.

We are very comfortable with our present business model where every one of our investors, many of whom are close friends, enjoy complete ownership of their own property or properties. They can at the end of the day do what they like with them – sell them, get another agent, or live in them. I have yet to meet one who is not pleased he got into Euros when he did.

Guy – communicates with the investors (and potential) and the agents (many of them) in order to try to find the best value investment properties possible in Cannes. We continue to focus on investment properties (unless an individual is looking for something specific like a holiday home for personal use) and look at literally hundreds of them. When we locate a really good proposition we try to match it to the needs of those who we know are waiting and wanting to buy an apartment, or we put its details out generally in a Property Letter for all who are on the mailing list to have a look at. Once someone has decided on a property that suits them they negotiate on their behalf, agree a price with the seller if possible, and sign an agreement. Then I help the buyer all the way through the bureaucratic landscape of lawyers and notaries, through the loan application process, to the signing and transfer of ownership into their name. Some apartments that we buy need varying degrees of renovation and/or furnishing and decoration, and Lao and Guy deal with the builders – get their quotes for the work and liaise with the new owners about costs, plans, transfers of required funds, etc.

Lao and Guy work together to forge marketing partnerships with other organizations where it will benefit both them and us to do so. He also controls all aspects of the servicing and maintenance of the apartments, the meeting and greeting of guests, the day to day running of the apartments, and he deals with each owner on issues as they arise.

Vicky – with her experience, is in charge of the accounts, producing statements of account for every owner each month, and keeping it in line with French regulations. Azur-Accom is a registered French Company, and subject to French laws.

Katherine – is a very artistic and talented decorator. She does a brilliant job with the budget she is given to convert a bare renovated room into a home away from home by furnishing and decorating it with care and originality. (Not all apartments require furnishing as some are bought complete) She travels far and wide in search of exactly what she wants for an apartment that she is working on, and has a real understanding of the costs involved, and the financial constraints of investors, and yet manages to create something original and lovely every time.

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