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Posted by admin in Technology | October 16th 2005

re-name the left-hand navigation link to “Mipcom 2006” and locate it now under the “Cannes Boat Show” link.


Re-name the new trial content page “mipcom-2006“.

already done. There was already mipcom-2005 and mipcom-2006

remove the horizontal banners?

Dont really want to! I would rather find another solution. I am currently having designed 6 better banners … which will serve to move people around the site more, I hope. All internal. At least lets have a look once there are some proper, well designed banners up there, okay?

Could we also make the call to action horizontal, to appear just below “Mipcom 2006” and to read “Book an apartment for MIPCOM 2005. View Properties.” (I’d specifically like to use the word apartment).

Done. I have ONLY done it for the MIPCOM (on the left hand Nav) for now, pending your confirmation that it is better. It takes a bit of time to do each one, so I would rather get one just right, and then do the rest one time

Could you move the purple horizontal links to appear above “Mipcom 2006” (in place of the horizontal banner)?

Done. With the exception that the Banner is still there for now. See above. There is no real need for them to be here at all, really I guess. It is for SEO only that they exist there, and there are probably enough links throughout for them. Shall I take them out?

Could you make the purple colour uniform in the text and bold all relevant headings?

Done, I think!

Could you also take a look at the spacing / page breaks? There seems to be double-spacing at the moment, which is expanding the page more than necessary and creating ‘scrolling’ time for the user.

Done, I think!

Finally re. the content pages, did you receive the attached up to date Film Festival content and meta data for 2006? I think I sent it over around the time you got back from Spain. Could you upload it and name the nav link “Cannes Film Festival 2006“?


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