Property Letter – 13 th November 2006

Posted by admin in Property Investment, Property Letters | November 13th 2006

Dear All, There are some very interesting properties at the end of the letter, so if you want to get straight to them, please scroll down. MORE on Capital Appreciation: We have to face it, that as important as rental returns are to our cash flow, the thing that defines property as a wealth-builder is… Read more

SURVEY: FRANCE : The art of the impossible

Posted by admin in Business, Politics, The South of France | November 5th 2006

A morose France has fallen behind its competitors. But there is nothing inevitable about its decline, argues Sophie Pedder: all it needs is political will Bridgeman “SOMETHING seems very wrong with this country. Once the very model of a modern major power—stable, rich and smug—it appears beset now by political and economic instability and by… Read more