Kudos to eFax!

Posted by admin in Business | July 2nd 2007

Imagine my surprise to get an “unsolicited” but USEFUL email into my inbox this morning.

I have been using “Efax” for some time now, all in the spirit of the Paperless Office (plus I don’t want or need the hassle of having a damned Analogue phoneline installed!) and it always works great for us!

So I get a little email, suggesting that since I have been using it for MORE than a year now, why dont I go on the “Annual” pricing plan instead of the “monthly”. It will end up saving me 2 months a year on the subscription.

Now I know that it is interesting to them to have Annual customers, I am sure it makes their planning and forecasting easier, and probably (if you aggregate the numbers) makes their company more valueable, but I think it is a nice touch anyway. Gift Horses and Mouths come to mind! 🙂

They could have just left me (and others, I am sure!) on that monthly plan and taken the higher revenues afforded by lazy Bas*&%*$ like me who don’t bother to look at the cheapest overall plan on such things.

Nice touch, eFAX. I am sure you will be MORE than adequately compensated for such systems in the long run!

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