Shall we go Carbon-Neutral?

Posted by admin in Business, Policy, Politics | October 13th 2007

I was racking my brains about how we, as a company, can do something about Carbon Emissions.

(We already do a bit. We print nothing we don’t have to, we produce no printed marketing material and only provide electronic invoicing, for example. Small stuff, but we DO think about things like that and do what we can)

Carbon Offsetting seems to be all the rage. I was never kinda comfortable with the whole concept. I just don’t really get it.

To me it was always a bit like that experiment they did with imposing a fine on Parents who don’t pick up their kids on time from school (and hence not inconvinience the teachers/ school). They THOUGHT it would incentivise the parents to be on time … but the OPPOSITE OCCURRED! Since Parents considered that they were now paying, it was suddenly okay to be late to pick up the kids, and incidences sky-rocketed!

See Here for the best reference i can find to this experiment. Best I can find in 20 Seconds anyway. I think it was reference in Tim Hartfords book “The Undercover Economist” or “Freakonomics”. One of the 2. Could be wrong. Good books anyway!

So I did a bit of research and came up with this video which put the nail in the coffin of that thought! Ha ha!

Here is the website … … Well done, ladies and gents. Nice!

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