Why Property Owners should engage in a Management Program

Posted by admin in Cannes, Property Investment | November 16th 2007


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In terms of running their rentals, Property Owners can play it one of 2 ways.

1. They can take a direct and hands on interest in their rentals

Using an assorted mix of agencies, personal contacts and their own marketing to get their apartment rented as much as possible.This approach necessitates getting operationally involved in the rentals since sometimes you will be dealing with the Guests directly (From contract/ finance through to servicing & support through check in/ checkout etc) and where there is an agency, you are responsible for the state of the apartment anyway, and liaising re buy 5mg cialis online. keys/ calendars/ double bookings etc.

2. They can engage in a Management program,

designed to keep the benefits of the above, and take out the negatives. Added to that, there is the benefit derived from the program in its purest sense (apart from rentals) which are significant.

  • Regular Property Inspections,
  • Preventative Maintainence Plan,
  • Use of network of suppliers/ tradesmen at better than normal rates,
  • Project management of any improvements/ renovations/ redecorations

An Overview of the benefits from a purely rentals perspective which come from taking up a management program.

Priority Rentals:

The properties on the Management Program get priority within the Azur-Online.com and EverythingCannes.com rentals system. We put such properties on Priority rental for 3 reasons …

  1. We know that they are well managed and in good shape at all times
  2. We know that the calendar is up to date in real time at all times
  3. If there is a problem whilst guests are in situ we are contracted (and therefore empowered) to deal with it in the quickest and best fashion

All the 3 reasons above make it very much EASIER if nothing else, and more efficient and better for the company to rent them out where we can as opposed to an apartment which we are not 100% sure of the state of, for which we have no control if something goes wrong and for which the calendar may or may not be accurate on a day to day basis.

3rd Party Marketing Reach:

For pretty much the same reasons as above, (coupled with one other very good reason which is that we feel a responsibility to assist with having Management Client Properties rented out as much as possible) we have rolled out a program which is proving very popular which is that we SYNDICATE our portfolio of properties out to other agencies, websites and 3rd party Marketeers.

We make as much information available as possible to these people, and make it as easy as possible for them to take reservations on these apartments. We provide them NET OWNER rates where they book it for their clients. This has the following advantages to them …

  • They can concentrate on their client, and not the owner. Takes out conflict of interest
  • They know the property is well managed, maintained and that there is professional backup/ guarantee if something goes wrong
  • They know that the apartments are optimized for rentals
  • The prices are attractive to them and allow for very decent margins.

Every time an apartment is rented like this, the 3rd party is responsible for servicing/ client support. They pay us, we pay you as normal as if it is our rental except we are not taking a commission. Lene (or whoever is responsible) would check the apartment before and after the rental, thereby keeping central control. The agents/ 3rd parties liase thorugh us for pricing and availablity.

This would see your property automatically marketed on and by …

Riviera Network

Riviera Family Villas



Azur Eden

Azur Accom

Just Cars

Osmosis Agency

and many others. We expect to expand this to 20 marketing partners over the course of the coming 6 months, we have worked on the technology to make it happen for a year, and have rolled it out slowly.

Owners Direct Clients:

Added to the above 2 advantages, we also recognize that an owners own marketing efforts are probably the most valuable that can exist. Therefore we encourage owners to do their own marketing, and make is as easy as possible for them to do so and support it where we can. Services that we offer to compliment are …

Access to Booking Calendar

Use of our Bonded Account (plus insurance)

Use of our Contracts/ accounting procedures

Provision of details of ALTERNATE PROPERTIES for a COMMISSION if the owners property is already booked!

and …


1. Fixed Fee servicing

2. Fixed Fee Operational Support


3. Discounted commissions

Basically what this means is that the owner can take a booking, privately, and pass it on to us to take care of as if it were our own client on better terms than if it were our client.

It also means that he has access to our full portfolio of properties to refer to if there is OVERFLOW bookings. IE. if your apartment is already booked, refer it to us and earn a commission if we are able to provide an alternate to the guest.

This will give you over 100 properties to market alongside yours, if you would so wish, and could put you in a position to make a good income simply from referrals, should you choose!

Point 3, above, serves to ensure that the Owner loses NO ADVANTAGE whatsoever in engaging in a Management program whilst still enjoying all benefits.

The entire lot combined is designed to give the owner the ability to offload the day-to-day responsibility of managing and effecting rentals (from leads through to physical Guest-Interaction) onto us, at a point and to a level of their choosing, whilst retaining the benefits … and ALSO benefiting from all the Property management programme has to offer in its own right.

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