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Posted by admin in Property Owners Info | January 27th 2009

Often Property Owners wish to do their own marketing, and to take reservations directly themselves. We are delighted when they do so, and are ready and able to assist in any way we can.

We are delighted now to be able to offer our Rentals Platform as an official service throughout the year directly to Property Owners in Cannes and their direct clients!

In order to get pricing, please visit one of the 2 x links below: (You will be taken to a calculator)

1. Click Here – Log in, and navigate to the “Private Rentals” section

2. Click Here – If your property is not registered in the Azure System

Background & how it works:

Our Rentals Servicing offer:

Housekeeping Only:

Flat fee, dependent on size of apartment and number of guests.

*NOTE: The simple houskeeping services, above, do not include ANY contact whatsoever with the guest. The guest may not contact us under any circumstances, all contact must come directly from the owner, and is restricted to houskeeping issues only, and only during office working hours.

We also offer, and highly recommend a fuller service too since all of our experience suggests that paying guests require more than simply houskeeping.  We strongly recommend at least Bronze Level Service, below:

Bronze Service & Support level:

Charge: 15% of rental income*  PLUS subsidised Flat Fee for Housekeeping

Service Provided:

  • Apartment/villa verified before arrival (lights/ water/ electric etc)
  • Apartment/ villa prepared with appropriate beds setup with linens/ towels*
  • Exit cleaning following departure of guests, to ‘Dormant’ state
  • Exit verifications performed on instruction (EG: Turn off electricity/ water/ special requirements) & property secured
  • Personalised welcome and key pickup at office on arrival during office hours
  • Office Hours Guest Support
  • Personalized checkout from property, with verification of property performed with guest if possible.
*NOTE: Linens to suit group/ 2 x towels per person/ initial stock of soap/ toilet paper. Property should be found clean, if it is found dirty or in a state that will not be acceptable to the guests and therefore requires cleaning there will be extra charge (other than for minor dusting or such)

Upgraded Support Levels available:

When creating a calculation of how much either of the service levels will cost you, you will also be shown the price for an upgraded service level, as set out below. This may be of interest to you to be able to offer yoru guests a heightened level of service, or simply to order it for guests who you may judge warrant it, or are high-maintainence and will demand it!

Silver Service & Support level:

Charge: As per Bronze, PLUS flat fee/ Guest Suppliment

Service Provided:

  • As per Bronze PLUS
  • Personalised familiarisation & acclimatisation at property on arrival
  • Full  Support (Extended Hours to include Saturdays & late evenings)
  • Silver Welcome Pack*
*Silver welcome pack:
Breakfast-basket with Tea/ coffee/ milk/ butter/ toast/ jam/ cereal and a bottle of wine, bathroom equipped with nice quality soap, mini shower-gel, shampoo and conditioner.

Gold Service & Support level:

As per Bronze,
PLUS: flat fee/ Guest Supplement
PLUS: small fee/ pax/ day
PLUS: (Per Day) Studio: flat cleaning fee

Service Provided:

  • As per Silver PLUS
  • Concierge Support Service (Extended Hours, 7 Days 08h00 – 22h00)
  • Gold Welcome Pack*
  • Daily Cleaning of apartment
  • Linens/ Towels changed every 2nd day of stay
*Gold welcome pack:
Breakfast-basket with Tea/ coffee/ milk/ butter/ bread/ jam/ cereal and a bottle of wine plus a platter of French cheese, basket with fresh fruit & chocolates, mineral water & fruit juice in the fridge. And a complimentary bottle of Champagne! Bathroom equipped with nice quality soap, full sized shower-gel, shampoo and conditioner.

At a glance example of pricing structure: *

Example Price for 1 Bedroomed apartment, 2 people, 5 days at 1000 Euros

129.15 € (15% x 1000 – 139)
+ 50 (1 bed price + 2 x 25)

+300 (150 x 2 pax)
568 linked here.15


(250 x 2 PAX)
(5 x 2 x 7.5)
(5 x 75)

*NOTE: Within the Owners Extranet, there is a section where specific prices can be easily calculated and generated for use in your quotes on a case by case basis simply by inputting the dates and number of people.


We have been running Rentals in Cannes for 7 years now, and in that time have become the largest in our business-space. We built our business from the ground up (we started with 1 apartment on the place de l’Etang, and augmented that to 6 for family and friends within 2 months of being in Cannes! Click Here for history!)

Why is this important? We have learned the lessons ourselves, and after many false starts and hard lessons learned, we have come up with a rentals and management formula which works!

Why does it work? It works because we have taken 7 years to build the structure around it. We have learned the hard lessons, and we have refined our system to be perfectly tailored not only to short term rentals, but specifically to short term rentals in Cannes itself!

Challenges and solutions for renting:

Legality: One of the major challenges to short term (or any) renting in France is the legal minefield. We have set up a perfectly structured entity in terms of legality, which ensures that both Property Owner and Tenant are protected right down the line. This is in the form of FNAIM BONDING and our working within what is a controlled industry.

Staff: We have built up a staff of industry professionals in each related field, from Accounts through to Guest Support & Housekeeping. As above, all of our staff from our General Manager through to our Housekeepers and Maintainence Personnel are full time, 100% legal and have the full backing and support of the other departments.

People! Often owners who rent out their properties think that taking reservations is the battle won. That’s the easy part! Dealing with people, their idiosyncrasies, foibles and expectations is the hard part! Our Guest Support and Houskeeping teams are fully and professionally trained in Guest Support and know what to expect, and how to deal with problems and challenges which inevitably arise from time to time when dealing with people.

In conclusion: We would never say you cant get someone to do what we do for you cheaper. You can. You could find a local person looking to augment their salary income, or similar. You could find an illegal worker to do it for you for a pittance. But what when things go wrong? We offer a versatile platform, full company bonding, professional staff, a company structure which means you are not counting on the whim of one person. All in all, it is a very different, safer, more professional and more transparent method of running your private rentals than any other way!

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