Cost of doing business in France

Posted by admin in Business | February 25th 2009

We provide a large range of services, some of which (Houskeeping, for example) are very labour intensive. We have been asked in the past to ‘Justify’ the prices that we charge for these labour intensive services, and to that end herewith some broad information and explanations in the spirit of transparency and accountability! Noone gets… Read more

Owners Extranet Pricing Update

Posted by admin in Property Owners Info | February 17th 2009

Since launching the new, improved Owners Extranet ( there is one part which a few people have experienced difficulty with. How to update avaiability in the Extranet. We believe that it is relatively straightforward, however below we have outlined in  detail the various steps required to update availabiltiy, and hope that it helps! We will… Read more