Azure rolls out ‘Owners Direct’ service in South France

Posted by admin in Property Owners Info | March 25th 2010

We are delighted that as of today we are beginning the roll out of a long planned ‘Owners Direct’ service to property owners in the South of France, particularly Cannes but also Nice and surrounds

Certain reservation requests which come through 3rd party marketing sources (that we have been, and continue to actively develop) directly to the Property Owner and will allow the Property Owner direct and full contact with the prospective guest, allowing them to do a deal on an ‘Owner Direct’ basis.

(NOTE: This will NOT include requests that come through the and websites, since those are ‘Full Service’ websites, offering a packaged set of value additions to the rental price, including all servicing and taxes.)

How will Azure Everything Benefit?

1. We are constantly striving to improve our relationships both with property owners and renting customers, and to provide value to them both. (And to offer a bit more than they may find elsewhere!)

2. We see the market moving toward this model more and more, and we aim to provide a competetive and useful platform which will facilitate contact between property owner and renter on a fair, transparent and secure basis for both parties.

3. We are strategically moving toward the provision of Value Add services directly to the owner and to the renter which will be able to easily be offered alongside each booking taken, services such as

  • Secure Credit Card Processing of payments
  • Escrow services for Security Deposits.
  • Provision of verified and tested templated contracts for the protection of both parties, and a mediation platform.
  • Use of technology platform to facilitate exchange of said contracts, and more, in keeping with legal requirements
  • Checkin & Checkout (Meet & Greet) services
  • Houskeeping, cleaning, linen & Grocery services
  • Guest Support and Concierge services

We  provide a platform for Owners and Renters both to be able to make use of all the above services, for a fair fee, should they wish. We thus envisage that Property Owners will be able to offer their apartment at the lowest possible price, making the decision on a case by case basis on which services they will take care of themselves, and which they will use our company for. We aim to make it as easy and as competetive as possible for a property owner to use our professional, guaranteed services, but realise that ‘DIY” can often be much cheaper and thus we will not force it on anyone!

Likewise, the Renting Customer will have the opportunity to use any of the services above (if not already offered by the owner) allowing them to custom-design the level of servcie and support that they wish to receive, and allowing them to choose whether the owner provides this service, or whether they wish our professional service-focused company to do this.

We believe that this is a new and innovative business model, and we are betting the bank that it will be of superb benefit to both Property Owners in Cannes and surrounds, and to people renting accommodation in Cannes.

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