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Posted by rachel in Property Owners Info | October 22nd 2010

Welcome to Everything Cannes & Azure Online!

Thank you for your interest in Everything Cannes and Azur Online. Since its establishment in 2002, our company has become a specialist in seasonal renting with particular emphasis on corporate rentals during the Cannes Congresses. In that time we have become the market leader in our niche due to our impeccable attention to detail and high standards of service. We are now the preferred accommodation providers to the Cannes Congress organisers. This means plenty of clients and business for you!

In order for you to decide whether our service is suitable for your needs, we have put together the following frequently asked questions. The answers provided will give you an insight into what we do here at Azur Online and Everything Cannes and hopefully clarify any doubts or queries you may have.

We look forward to discussing your individual case directly with you.

How can working with everythingcannes.com help me to maximise my revenues?

On joining us, we will set up your property on both our Internet sites ( www.azur-online.com & www.everythingcannes.com ) and market them through those channels. Our sites are very well referenced with a high level of traffic brought in through search engines and several partner websites. These marketing channels will guarantee excellent reach for your property. By consequence, we receive numerous international corporate rentals for all the congresses throughout the year and many holiday makers during the summer months.

We have a diverse team of international professionals who, with their varied experience, provide the best service and support you could wish from an agency. Their expertise ensures all the guarantees for smooth and steady rentals. To find out more about our team, please refer to page 4.

So what exactly does Everything Cannes and Azur Online do, and how much will it cost?

Including your property in our portfolio is free! Your apartment will be put through a series of quality and cleanliness checks in order to ensure that the property meets our 5* standards.  If your property passes these checks it will be confirmed to be included on our website. Once listed on our websites, we take care of all aspects of the rental from sourcing the client to running the financial and contractual aspect of it.

For every booking made through our sites we offer free support to your guests. Our housekeeping and hospitality service functions through a specially designed system of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). On being included on our website, a CSR will take on your property and will be responsible for everything to do with the guest support and housekeeping. They handle the cleaning and setting up of the property, to personal greetings and checkouts at the apartment, all free of charge!

What do I, the owner, need to do?

When joining our agency, it is the owner’s responsibility to keep the standards up. Corporate clients choose to stay in apartments instead of hotels for the personal space and freedom. But obviously they expect the same kind of quality as 4-5 star hotels. Your apartment will only be included on our websites if they meet these 5* standards and must be maintained as such at all times. Please refer to page 9 for guidelines of our quality standards.

5* Standards means 5* equipment. As the owner, you are required to provide certain appliances for the apartment. As you can imagine from your own holiday experiences, you want your accommodation to be convenient and well equipped. So the better equipped your apartment, the more guests are going to want to stay meaning more return rentals and higher revenue for you. The essentials that must be included in the apartment are listed on page 9 under To be left in the apartment. More luxury items such as espresso machines etc are left to your personal discretion.

The apartment must be free of your personal belongings that could cause clutter or mess. Personal decoration is of course welcome and appreciated by our guests. However the rule of thumb is whatever you don’t want using, don’t leave out because the guests will use them. Personal items you don’t want damaged should be removed from the apartment or stored away, preferable in a locked cupboard.

Maintaining your property in pristine condition will obviously require attention and touch ups throughout the year. As with any investment, the more you can put into your property the more you can get out. We have the resources to assist you to do this as easily as possible which our international owners find especially useful. Throughout the year, if you think your apartment needs some revival then we would be happy to help with the implication of these improvements including Spring Cleans.

I don’t live in the area. Can you help me to maintain my property in excellent condition?

That is the beauty of a CSR! Your representative will be the eyes and ears for yourself and the agency throughout the year. It is the CSR’s responsibility to monitor the standard of the apartment and anything that you, the owner, should need to know will be relayed to you immediately.

It is in your interest to get to know your CSR as they will, at your discretion, ensure that the apartment is kept to this impeccable standard. A personal relationship with your CSR helps put your mind at ease that the property you put so much effort and attention into is properly cared for.

How can I follow the interest in my property?

Once your property is set up on the web site, you will have access to the AzurLive Extranet, www.azurelive.org/owners where a login will enable you to view and download reports on rentals and finances. It will be your tool to update the availability, prices and details of your apartment.

The Extranet will form a very important part of your role as an owner! It is imperative that availability and pricing of the property is always up to date. If the availability is not kept perfectly up to date the risk of double bookings is disastrous and your trust rating will go down. A trusting and cooperative relationship is the surest way to optimal rental revenues for you!

This extranet will also give you the possibility to sign up for our newsletter and receive regular updates on our services, and other features which will help with the management of your property.

How do we set the prices?

In consultation with you, we will come up with a schedule of NET rates, payable to you. Pricing is ultimately the owner’s decision but we are happy to suggest prices to you with our knowledge of the market. We will then use the prices you have selected as a base price. We will then add on an operating margin composed of Extra Services and taxes as well as cleaning charges, linen rental and our 15% commission. These final figures are advertised to the clients as the final “selling price”. As the owner you will be asked to confirm pricing once a year. Any rentals made respecting these defined rates must be honored so it is in everyone’s best interest to choose definitive prices.

Should you have any other questions, or if we can help you with anything, please contact

Sarah Bouzebiba
Supply Manager
Tel: + 33 (0)4 925 925 94

Who are you in the team, and who to Contact?

Our director, Lao Watson Smith, having studied Computer programming and Business development in London, founded Azur-Online in 2002. Originally from Zimbabwe, Lao worked in the charitable sector running several organizations in Africa until his interests in Property, Hospitality and Technology led him to develop Azur Online, Everything Cannes and to create an international team each with a different role!

Lao Watson-Smith


Lene Nielsen is our general manager. She is Danish and moved to France in 1990 when she set up her own business as an independent property manager. Having studied marketing and business in Denmark, Lene has invaluable experience in the corporate rentals industry. Should you have any enquiries regarding, renovations, decorations or property management Lene is the person to call. She has been with Everything Cannes and Azur Online for two years.

Lene Nielsen
Property Manager
Tel : +33 (0)4 925 925 95

On the rental side, Elizabeth Martin is our Sales and reservations manager. She is the main point of contact for our customers. She helps them find the perfect property by understanding their specific requirements. Lizzy is perfectly bilingual French and English. British born but raised on the Cote D’azur, Lizzy knows all about the hospitality industry in the area. She is the ideal point of contact should you have inquiries regarding accommodation.

Lizzy Martin
Client Consultant
Tel: +33 (0) 492 592 592

On the supplier side Sarah Bouzebiba is the one to call about anything regarding your property. She is both from Algeria and England and has lived in both countries. She however studied both in France and the UK and worked for many an events company giving her the precious experience on customer management. She will do her best to guarantee an excellent service and a maximum of communication between you and the company! her role is to ensure everything runs smoothly between the companies and yourselves, to keep you up-dated on what is happening both in the company and in the industry and to be your point of call when you need to speak to us!

Sarah Bouzebiba
Supply Manager
Tel: + 33 (0)4 925 925 94

That’s us for the pre-bookings side! As for the client support aspect of the business, we do then have a guest support team who take care of clients once they are checked into your properties. Their role is to take care of all the customers needs during their stay, and to give them the best support whilst visiting our area. The might potentially contact you for hands on information during a rental.

Last but not least, our chief accountant is worth mentioning. Lisa Champandarde is originally from America, but has lived in France for over 15 years and thus is perfectly bi-lingual. She has the task of keeping our accounts under control! Fortunately Lisa has also worked for a firm of “Expert Comptables” In Paris.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our team!

From all of the members of the Azur Online / Everything Cannes team, all the best for many successful future rentals!

A partnership …

Azur Online and Everything Cannes promise to :

  1. Do our best to provide you with as many rentals as possible and put forward your property whenever it is requested by a customer.
  2. Publish full and detailed descriptions along with accurate good quality pictures that will attract a maximum of customers.
  3. Keep you regularly updated as to all the happenings in and around Cannes and the industry that could be beneficial or interesting to you.
  4. Represent you on both www.azur-online.com and www.everythingcannes.com, as well as on partner sites, in order for you gain double reach and target a maximum of potential clients.
  5. Provide a CSR for your property who will in turn provide excellent care and cleaning for the property.
  6. To pay you monthly for all the rentals that occurred during that month

Your Promise to us is:

1. To keep us regularly updated on the apartment’s availability and to agree on firm pricing once a year, whilst working with us to keep it consistently up to date and in step with market conditions.

2. To inform us of any changes, breakages or anything that could affect a rental (for example, air-con or Internet malfunctioning etc…) and to let us know within a maximum of 15 days about any claims on the clients security deposit. We return security deposits within 30 to the customer, after which there can be no discussion.

3. To reply to our and CSR emails and phone calls in the shortest possible delays to guarantee a swift booking process – (the quicker the information goes out, the more likely the booking is to be secured).

4. To make sure that your property is adequately insured and has all the appropriate diagnostics required by law.

5. To keep your property at a 5* level of cleanliness. To avoid us having to charge an extra clean off your rental rate, we have provided a check list below of everything that needs to be done before our housekeeping teams arrive to set up for a rental.

Guest Support and Housekeeping Services:

Your Customer Service Representative (CSR) will be responsible for the Guest Support and Housekeeping for each rental in your property! For every rental that goes through our system, their services comprise of providing support for the guest before and during their stay in the apartment, the set up of the apartment with linen and towels, a welcome grocery pack and the exit clean once the guests have left.  These services are included in the rental price that the customer pays. The service breaks down as follows:

Guest Support includes:

  • The CSR will get in touch with the guest before their arrival to finalize the details of their booking
  • The CSR will meet the guests at the apartment whenever possible, show them around the apartment and answer any questions they may have regarding the apartment
  • The CSR provides a Welcome Grocery Pack and Welcome Information Pack which includes details about the apartment, how to use the amenities and information on the local area
  • The CSR provides Support for the duration of the guests stay which includes dealing with any issues that may arise concerning the apartment and of course dealing with any emergencies
  • The CSR will check the guests out of the apartment whenever possible, collect keys and make sure all is in order

Housekeeping includes:

Set up

  • The apartment must be left in a clean 5 star state.  The CSR will check the apartment before setting it up.  If anything needs to be done to the apartment in order to bring it up to standards, the CSR will take care of this and liaise with you directly if there are any extra charges.
  • If the apartment is found in a clean and ready state for rental, the CSR will set it up with linen and towels to suit the group.  Each bath/ shower will have a bath mat and each basin/ toilet will have soap and toilet paper
  • All amenities will be checked ie, hot water, electricity, Internet, TV, air con and heating and electrical goods

For your convenience, we have provided a very clear and simple checklist which can assist you or your property manager to assess the readiness of your apartment for any rental

Exit Clean includes:

  • Collect and launder dirty linen and towels
  • Clear out bins and anything left behind by guests (food, drink, toiletries, magazines)
  • Bathroom:

o    wipe down surfaces, fixtures and fittings

o    clean bath, shower, shower screens, basin, taps and toilet

  • Kitchen :

o     wash, dry and put away dishes/clear dishwasher

o    wipe down fridge, microwave, oven, electrical goods, surfaces, fixtures and fittings, sink and taps.

  • All Rooms:

o    wipe down surfaces, fixtures and fittings

o    vacuum and mop floor

The electricity will be switched off and fridge left open after each rental unless there are rentals very close together.  However, if you would prefer this not to be done, please let your CSR know and also let them know.

Extra Linen
We are happy to provide the guests with extra linen.  If this is ordered before their arrival date, we will simply leave it in the apartment for them when we set it up.

Spring Clean
We recommend a thorough spring clean is done at least once at year at opportune times ie during November/ December.  Your CSR will be able to give you a quote for this.  A good thorough spring clean will not only keep your property in good shape, up to the right standard and always ready for rentals, but will also bring to your attention to any issues, breakages, and malfunctions regarding the apartment that could affect a tenant’s stay.

Pre Rental Checklist:


Sink and taps clean & shiny

Fridge empty, defrosted and clean

Kettle empty with no lime-scale

Toaster clean

Oven clean

Microwave clean

Dishwasher empty and switched off

Dishes clean and put away

Draws clean

Electrical goods clean

Cupboard surfaces clean

Door handles clean

Dust bin clean and empty

Washing machine empty

Floor swept and mopped


Basin and taps clean & shiny

Bath/shower and taps clean & shiny

Shower panel clean with no water marks

Soap dish clean

Drains cleared of hair

Toilet clean

Toilet roll holder, towel rails, towel heater clean

Mirror clean

Cupboard surfaces clean

Door handles clean

Dust bin clean

Floor swept and mopped


Swept and Mopped

(If present) Plants watered


Surfaces clean (bedside tables, lamps)

Bed and pillow covers clean

Shutters  working

Air conditioning and heating working

Door handles clean

Mirrors and glass clean

Floor swept and mopped


Dust bins emptied

Personal items locked away including food

*Water working

*Hot water working

*Electricity working

All light bulbs working

To Be Left in the Apartment

Vacuum Cleaner and vacuum bags


Iron and ironing board

Mop and Dust Pan and brush

Blankets/ Duvet for each bed (including

the sofa bed)

2 pillows per person

Matching wooden clothes hangers

Mattress  Protectors (including sofa bed

Pillow protectors

The Kitchen must be equipped for breakfast which includes

Cooking Utensils



Coffee Machine

NOTE: It is a renting customers’ requirement and right that the property be in great condition, with all amenities and facilities working and without fault. It is the Owners responsibility to ensure that the property is in a fit state. Your CSR will contact you if any of these facilities are not to standard but then it is the owner’s responsibility to organize its replacement or repair. If the equipment is not kept in adequate condition the upcoming rentals may be canceled and another property secured for the customer instead. If another property cannot be secure then there may be a charge made to you, the owner, for our time spent putting your property into a fit state for the guest.

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