Cannes G20 Summit hosts in November 2011

Posted by rachel in Cannes, Congresses, Politics, The South of France | November 19th 2010

BIG NEWS ! Cannes to host the G20 Summit in November 2011!

The Mayor of Cannes, Bernard Brochand, has confirmed that Cannes has been chosen to host the 6th annual G20 Summit. On the provisional date of the 3rd/4th of November, Cannes’ Palais de Festival will welcome the heads of government from 19 different countries for their discussions of financial markets and the world’s economy.

The G-20 is a forum for cooperation and consultation on matters concerning the international financial system. Through the course of the summit, the delegates will study, review, and discuss the promotion of international financial stability among the key industrial and emerging financially influential countries of the world.

The 2010 summit welcomed 112 participants to Toronto and hosted influential market experts such as Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Together, these leaders represent roughly two thirds of the global population and 90% of the world’s gross domestic product.

With guests of such high profile arriving in Cannes, our little town can sure expect three days of excitement and no doubt high security. With the Toronto summit costing Canada approximately 1 billion dollars, we can expect substantial investment into Cannes transport and security sectors at the least. The Palais de Festivals can expect a lick of paint or two as well. This coupled with Nice welcoming the G8 summit earlier in the year is surely raising the profile of the already illustrious Cote d’Azur.

Brochand explained that Cannes has been chosen to host due to its globally prestigious film festival. The facilities and security necessary to host the G20 already exist in the form of Cannes’ large selection of luxury hotels and conference facilities, including the Palais de Festivals, which deputy mayor David Lisnard said “is easy to secure.”

With the controversy over the past few years regarding protestors and violence around the summit, Cannes has been selected due to its ease of security and its reduced area. The hope is that the town will be easier to secure than the busy city center of Toronto. As a result, we in Cannes can expect a few weeks of intensive preparation before hand and for all intents and purposes, a shut-down of the top half of the Croisette for at least a few days around the start of November. Hosting the summit in the sleepy, tourist deprived winter months is likely to not disturb businesses or Cannes daily life. Save needing to steer clear of driving up and down the Croisette or near the Palais, this high profile event is likely to further raise Cannes’ status and increase local spending. Good news all round!

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