Happy Holidays!

Posted by sarbou in Cannes, Living, Property Owners Info, The South of France | December 21st 2010

2010 is drawing to its end… Once again another year has soared by on the Beautiful Cote d’azur.

It’s been an exceptional year to say the least…

Our team has expanded, to include our wonderful Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s), who will make the 2011 season a sensational success thanks to their personalised customer and supplier support.  We have tried out the new CSR system with the past few conferences and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive… As our portfolio gets bigger, we will include more CSR’s to the team and expand to obtain satisfaction all around! You as the owner will be delighted, as you will have a personal representative who will know your apartment Inside out, and work with you to improve your apartment to make it even more attractive to clients.  The clients will be equally as delighted as they have a personalized check in, check out and a 100% available person to talk to and solve any problems whatever they may be.

Thanks to the new CSR system we are looking forward to an extremely successful 2011.

Over 2010 we have also moved into the Nice market, with a Small port folio of luxury rental properties. So far so good… The main challenge was to manage and service these bookings from our Cannes main office, but we have now included Lee, our CSR in Nice who has managed wonderfully well! As 2011 goes on, we will be including more properties in Nice. If you know of any property owners interested in listing their property in Nice with us, please let them know we would be delighted to meet and visit their property.

The Everything Cannes company has also used the down periods in 2010 as an opportunity to educate their employees which will hopefully generate more business for us all in 2011. Sarah had the privilege of attending the Search Engine Optimization conference where she learnt all about social media and google referencing. She came back buzzing with a million ideas, which she is busy implementing. In December, Lizzy and Sarah also attended Le Web, which taught them all about digital companies, technology and marketing over the net!  Both conferences were extremely exciting and motivating. Our team is working on ensuring that 2011 will be an exceptional year.!

As you all know already, Everything Cannes is partners with the REED Midem conference organisers. We are working on developing an even closer relationship with REED Midem, so Sarah and Lizzy jumped on the opportunity to go and meet with them, during their trip to Paris for Le Web, to discuss our  future together. One exciting project is that our IT department has developed a booking engine that is specifically designed to be included on the REED Midem site where people can book an apartment online directly from the REED Midem site. This is an exciting new project that is still in the Works, waiting for REED’s confirmation to get it going! Watch this space!

We have also nurtured partnerships with various companies ranging from event organisers to online Holiday rentals sites, in order to maximise the possibilities of rental for your property. Soon you will be able to list your property with us and be advertised on a wide range of sites. We will be taking care of things centrally unless you wish to receive enquiries directly, which we will of course assist you with.

There are plenty of new and exciting things happening in the office here. For those of you who know Anabela, she is on maternity leave for her first child; and Nelly has adopted a dog, called Ebi, who is our official office mascot!  Everyone else is just fine and is looking forward to a successful 2011 by your side.

So it’s time to say happy holidays and all the best for the new year…

Happy Holidays!

Azur Online Team!

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