How to get more rentals as a property owner

Posted by admin in Property Owners Info | March 28th 2011

This is a question I am asked again and again … except the question is normally put “Is my property rented yet for such and such a date … ”

Well. We provide the tools for Property owners who are registered with us to take a more active roll in the marketing of their aparment. A few posts have been written about it in the past, and here is an update!

We have worked hard on, and have recently rolled out what we call the ‘Owners Direct’ service.

We have watched the market shift over the past years. People are less inclined to book with an agency and are seeking out owners directly. There has been an explosion in “Rentals direct by Owners”, and a multitude of websites dedicated to this.

We have identified, and put into place partnerships with the most important of these … some you will have heard of, and some not.

and others.

For anyone who wishes to, enquires for your property that comes though these websites will be channelled directly to you.

You will then personally respond to the enquiry and ‘close the deal’!

A few points to consider:

  1. Our team is at your disposal any time by email/ phone/ skype/ Instant message/ Twitter/ Facebook … any communication medium you are most comfortable with; you can contact us pretty much any time! J
  2. We provide a number of tools to make the process easier, and are constantly adding to them. This includes
    1. Availability calendars
    2. Pricing tools
    3. FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions, and their answers)
  3. You can use our website as a referral point, refer people back to our website to see full details. On our website, they can see …
    1. Map Location
    2. Price (Retail)
    3. Selling Points
    4. Amenities
    5. Many photos
    6. Makeup of Beds/ sleeping arrangements
  4. When you take a direct booking you can input it directly into our system via the Owners Extranet (or just email their details to us!) and we will take over the communication with the client and,
    1. Bill them
    2. Support them in the lead up to arrival
    3. Check them in
    4. Support them during their stay
    5. Check them out
    6. Clean your apartment ready for the next rental

As if they are our own, direct client.

So basically, what you are doing is acting as a “sales agent” for your own apartment. The renter will be happy to be dealing direct with the owner, you will become more in touch with your apartment, and what we do, you will develop closer relationships with our Rentals and Management teams here, you will increase your revenues (we estimate using existing data by around 20% per year) and IT JUST MIGHT BE FUN!

If you yourself cannot, or do not want to do it, then perhaps a daughter, son, nephew, cousin or meddling next door neighbour may like to take up the challenge! (Perhaps in return for a week stay at some time in the year! 🙂

To discuss this, and to get the ball rolling, please contact us anytime!

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