How to spot a Scam Enquiry

Posted by admin in Business, Property Owners Info | November 30th 2012

The rental business is a prime target for scammers and tricksters. Be aware! — a customer is paying, normally upfront for a stay in your property. It’s important that you protect yourself when doing business. Your best protection is being aware of various traits which can indicate a fraudulent enquiry. It is not always the case, but there are some Red Flags to look out for!

Common  Red Flags

  1. Demonstrates a poor grasp of spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.
  2. Uses a free online e-mail service, eg. Yahoo, Hotmail or similar
  3. Gives you far more information than the typical traveller.
  4. Is a religious figure, sea captain, doctor, or officer in the armed forces.
  5. Wants to arrange a surprise trip for someone else (like a Son/ Daughter/ Godchild etc).
  6. Wants to pay by certified cheque/ banker’s draft
  7. Offers to pay more than your stated rate.
  8. Can’t keep their own name straight within the enquiry or the name on the enquiry does not match the name on the email address.
  9. Seems to have limited understanding of when/ where/ what they are enquiring about. Limited knowledge of the region, property type or any such.
  10. The enquirer asks you to phone them but the number they provide is a premium rate number. Such numbers often begin in 09.

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