MIPTV is drawing close and I keep checking my screens to find out more!

Posted by admin in Cannes | March 24th 2014

MIPTV is drawing closer and I keep checking my screens to find out more.  The digital entertainment industry, as everything else in the world, is constantly evolving – faster now than ever due to the effect of social media sites such as Twitter and their unyielding grip on real time.  What does the future hold for the TV industry when the audience is hooked on the immediate?

A rather exciting result could be the necessarily changing face of narrative.  Gone are the days that we expect a beginning and middle and an end but will narrative develop without a past or future?  I can’t help thinking about Virginia Woolf’s famed novel ‘Mrs Dalloway’ which was revolutionary in that the entire novel takes place in one day.  Also famous for its leading character, Clarissa Dalloway’s stream of consciousness or interior monologue.

Today, as users of smart phones, we have externalised our interior monologue.  This has debatable consequences.  It allows us to express our opinions and communicate with like-minded individuals in forums and suchlike.  What if Mrs Dalloway had had an iphone?  Quel horreur

Here Michael Stevens of Vsauce, a leading educational channel on YouTube, which answers fascinating scientific and psychological questions such as ‘Why are things creepy?’, addresses the topic of our relationship to the Internet  –

Is it a bad thing that we are talking to more people than ever… but not in person?  Interestingly, he considers the initial response to the telephone.  Talking to someone… but being physically alone.  However, there are evidently others in the TV industry concerned by ‘screen addiction’.   Unsurprising, as the average person checks their phone over 100 times a day.

In 2012 Charlie Brooker offered an extreme suggestion of the future of our relationship to technology in his award-winning, aptly named ‘Black Mirror’ where grief drives a girl to emulate her dead boyfriend through Facebook.  Indeed, the ghostly spectres of Facebook users who have passed away do play on the mind as they hang immortally in cyberspace

My imagination takes me to dark basements where people are taking notes about what I watch, say or like on social networks, and designing software that polarises me with others who enjoy a good murder mystery or sad folk music.  Like this?   Have some more!

Admittedly convenient, but I can’t shake the feeling that I am being manipulated.

Creator of Vsauce, Michael Stevens, will be hosting at MIPTV this year –


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