La Malmaison, Centre D’Art on the Croisette in Cannes

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Georges Braque – le magie de l’estampe (the magic of print making) After many years wondering what went on therein I finally set foot in the Centre D’Art La Malmaison to see 250 prints by Georges Braque, founder of Cubism and the quieter crony of Pablo Picasso.   The pair initiated the school in 1907, fusing… Read more

Happy Cannes!!

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Cowboys in Cannes

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Each year at the Cannes Film Festival there are more than a few Stetson ‘Boss of the Plains’ hats  gracing the heads of stars, sunning on yachts, swanning into hotels on the Croisette and even on the red carpet Check out . to get an idea! It seems the hat of choice for those… Read more