Cowboys in Cannes

Posted by admin in Cannes, Living | April 8th 2014

Each year at the Cannes Film Festival there are more than a few Stetson ‘Boss of the Plains’ hats  gracing the heads of stars, sunning on yachts, swanning into hotels on the Croisette and even on the red carpet

Check out . to get an idea!

It seems the hat of choice for those who want to give a strong, successful  (yet wild and untameable) impression.  The Stetson hat is something of a nationalistic emblem.  Apart from the Western nostalgia surrounding the Stetson, it is essentially a superbly functioning  chapeau.  Whilst protecting the face with a wide rim, it also keeps the head cool with a high crown.  Basically unmodified since 1865, the Stetson has proved it is here to stay.  So make like Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley or the fictional Indiana Jones and take a walk on the wild side !  For a selection of Stetsons look no further than Chapellerie Tesi Cannes.  They have been around almost as long as the Stetson and have two stores – one on 56 rue Meynadier (very close to the lovely Forville Market) and another on 32 rue Hoche.

If this car that I spotted here the other day is anything to go by Cannes is already gripped by cowboy fever.

Cannes Coyboy!

And this year a real cowboy is coming to the Cannes Film Festival !  Colby Trichell, a mere 18 years of age, stars in  Roberto Minervini’s ‘Stop the Pounding Heart’.

Everybody has a soft spot for a cowboy.  I’m not sure what is it about them that makes both men and women  feel a bit dreamy…  all that unwashed skin under leather… the propensity to spit like a camel…conversation to rival a corpse…

I jest.  Because we all know what we like about cowboys.  Nothing is more attractive than somebody who doen’st need anyone.  We have a primal respect for someone who can fend for themselves, be alone for long periods of time without going (very) bonkers.  Someone with an inner core of strength  who lives in harmony with nature.  I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for a real cowboy among all the Stetsons next month.

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