La Malmaison, Centre D’Art on the Croisette in Cannes

Posted by admin in Cannes, Living, The South of France | April 10th 2014

Georges Braque – le magie de l’estampe (the magic of print making)

After many years wondering what went on therein I finally set foot in the Centre D’Art La Malmaison to see 250 prints by Georges Braque, founder of Cubism and the quieter crony of Pablo Picasso.   The pair initiated the school in 1907, fusing perspectives of natural forms into multifaceted geometrical planes.

Now I’m not pretending to understand art, but I do try…. I guess that the idea behind this discipline was that by breaking something up you understand it.  Fragmentation is a way of seeing anew.  If you break a mirror you may put all the pieces back together but the view will be quite different… the mirror is still a mirror but the angles show other perspectives.  Or you go beyond understanding.  Have you ever stared at an ordinary object or an everyday word for so long that it suddenly seems utterly surreal?  Perhaps a process of unlearning is required to actually learn…

The first room was certainly my favourite.  Full of charming etchings of naked women with fascinating breasts, puppet-like feet and many faces.   Some may call these doodles (the word passed through my head but was quickly and shamefully banished) but they are enchanting.

I have to admit I swept through the remaining rooms swiftly.  This however was unrelated to the quality of art … I made the dreadful mistake of taking my uncultured niece and nephew who both incessantly complained of boredom.  Much to my horror, and that of the gallery staff, the latter loudly commented that the exit was ‘the best part of the exhibition’!

So go alone or with an adult to the Malmaison.  Make sure you don’t need the toilet.  Bizarrely they don’t have one.  A spot of culture always makes it a lot easier to justify a cocktail or two on the beach and seeing as you’re right there on the Croisette….

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