Smoke Detector regulations in France

Posted by admin in Cannes, Property Investment, Property Owners Info | November 12th 2014

They have to be installed by the accommodation’s occupier (home owner or tenant), and have to comply with the norms determined by the law n° 2010-238 dated 9th of March, 2010.

Owners have to install the smoke detector for:

  • seasonal rented accommodations,
  • student residences,
  • company accommodations and
  • furnished rentals

The smoke detector then has to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure its continued functioning.

The insurancee holder has to notify his insurance of the installation.

Consequently, the insurance company could decrease the premium for insured parties in compliance with this law or make the presence of smoke detectors a condition for new insurance contracts.

In case of fire, the insurance can’t refuse to cover damages, even if the occupier did not install a detector or omitted to declare the installation to the insurance. BUT if your accommodation is destroyed/ruined by fire and wasn’t equipped with a smoke detector, two sentences are possible:

  • An insurance excess (franchise d’assurance) of 5000€ (deducted from the allocated compensation)
  • If the fire causes damages to third persons, the principle of liability insurance applies. Consequently a part of the compensation for the third party will be at your charge.

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