Cannes Property Letter 90

Posted by admin in Property Letters | October 21st 2010

Cannes Oxford. Coteaux.  (See property below) PL 90: PROPERTY LETTER October 2010. Dear All, I almost never get asked questions like “how’s the weather?”or “is there much to do and see?” or “are the people friendly?” or “was it a good film festival this year?” Without doubt the most commonly asked question (by you) is… Read more

Cannes Property letter 87

Posted by admin in Property Letters | April 23rd 2010

PL 87, PROPERTY LETTER Dear All, Having fairly recently sent you a Property Letter (17th February) and promised to follow up with some more properties, I am going to split this into two separate letters, aimed at two different audiences. You will receive both however as I can not know which you will find more… Read more

Cannes Property Letter 85

Posted by admin in Property Letters | November 17th 2009

Apartment “Cannes Californie” – See details below. Dear All, This is likely to be my last Property Letter in 2009, so I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and health, happiness and prosperity in 2010. TO INVEST OR NOT TO INVEST There are “extra issues” surrounding people’s already difficult decisions… Read more


Posted by admin in Property Letters | October 22nd 2009

“Snapshots from the Med” – spot the odd one out! It’s my boat – want to argue? It’s our scooter, couldn’t be cuter. It’s my Porsche – and I’ll poop if I want to. It’s my breakfast – Garth pass the toast. “C’est chez nous” – our place in the sun. PL 84: PROPERTY LETTER… Read more

Cannes Property Letter 83

Posted by admin in Property Letters | August 18th 2009

The final property in the letter today is in this historic building. Scroll to the end to read about it. PL 83: PROPERTY LETTER 14th August 2009. Dear All, KEEPING MY PROMISES. In my last Property Letter (which was my first attempt at separation and entitled “Just Villas”) I told you that we had quite… Read more

Just Villas

Posted by admin in Property Letters | July 16th 2009

Just Villas (First issue – 9th July 2009) Dear All, For just over seven years I have been sending “Property Letters” from Cannes and the Cote d’Azur to interested people, but as I noted last time (in P.L. no. 82) I am increasingly torn between different types of product: Workhorses and income generators, strict investment… Read more

Property Letter 16th June 2009

Posted by admin in Property Letters | June 24th 2009

PROPERTY LETTER 16th June 2009. Photo by Mandy Jarvis WHAT IS THE PROPERTY MARKET DOING ON THE COTE D’AZUR? Everyone wants to know the answer to that question, and I can relate what I see in the marketplace, and what I’ve heard or read. Internationally it is becoming accepted that we are through the worst…. Read more

Property Letter 81

Posted by admin in Property Letters | March 6th 2009

Winter Morning in Forville Market – Cannes. (Photos – by Mandy Jarvis) PL 81 PROPERTY LETTER 5th March 2009. Dear All, As we head out of winter the Bay of Cannes is filling with the multi coloured sails of small yachts in early competitions, the brilliant gold of Mimosas line every roadside and splash across… Read more

Property Letter

Posted by admin in Property Letters | November 19th 2008

PL79 – Renovations, Improvements and Adding Value. Dear All, FROM SOW’S EAR – TO SILK PURSE. Many people ask the same question – « Can’t you find us somewhere that needs renovation? » The motivations are many but underlying it is always the thought that there might be an unrecognised bargain out there. Perhaps we can find… Read more


Posted by admin in Property Letters | November 6th 2008

Dear All, “Call the Bottom Dad!” …is what Lao said to me recently. We were talking about the market and the release of the “Residential Market Review for the third quarter 2008, published in October by CB Richard Ellis, a worldwide property consultancy firm who publish research results and market reports which are respected by… Read more