How to spot a Scam Enquiry

Posted by admin in Business, Property Owners Info | November 30th 2012

The rental business is a prime target for scammers and tricksters. Be aware! — a customer is paying, normally upfront for a stay in your property. It’s important that you protect yourself when doing business. Your best protection is being aware of various traits which can indicate a fraudulent enquiry. It is not always the… Read more

A new Property Tax for 2nd home owners in France?

Posted by admin in Business, Property Investment, Property Owners Info | May 16th 2011

Last Wednesday, (11 May) President Sarkozy’s cabinet approved a draft measure to impose a new tax on owners of second homes in France. If confirmed this legislature will affect French owners if they are resident abroad but keep a second home in France and it will also affect holiday-home owners who are resident abroad and… Read more

Customer service in France and in the United States

Posted by admin in Business, The South of France | January 6th 2011

A very short blog post, simply because I have a situation right now which has tickled me, and very clearly shows the difference between ‘Customer Service’ in France as opposed to the United States … you should read on for humor reasons if nothing else!! Tweet This Post

Cost of doing business in France

Posted by admin in Business | February 25th 2009

We provide a large range of services, some of which (Houskeeping, for example) are very labour intensive. We have been asked in the past to ‘Justify’ the prices that we charge for these labour intensive services, and to that end herewith some broad information and explanations in the spirit of transparency and accountability! Noone gets… Read more

Shall we go Carbon-Neutral?

Posted by admin in Business, Policy, Politics | October 13th 2007

I was racking my brains about how we, as a company, can do something about Carbon Emissions. (We already do a bit. We print nothing we don’t have to, we produce no printed marketing material and only provide electronic invoicing, for example. Small stuff, but we DO think about things like that and do what… Read more

Kudos to eFax!

Posted by admin in Business | July 2nd 2007

Imagine my surprise to get an “unsolicited” but USEFUL email into my inbox this morning. I have been using “Efax” for some time now, all in the spirit of the Paperless Office (plus I don’t want or need the hassle of having a damned Analogue phoneline installed!) and it always works great for us! So… Read more

SURVEY: FRANCE : The art of the impossible

Posted by admin in Business, Politics, The South of France | November 5th 2006

A morose France has fallen behind its competitors. But there is nothing inevitable about its decline, argues Sophie Pedder: all it needs is political will Bridgeman “SOMETHING seems very wrong with this country. Once the very model of a modern major power—stable, rich and smug—it appears beset now by political and economic instability and by… Read more

Property Letter 60

Posted by admin in Business, Property Investment, Property Letters, The South of France | October 13th 2006

Property Letter – 8th October 2006. Dear All, (Please scroll down if you want to get straight to the « Properties to Consider » at the end.) Nostalgia. It seems a long time since “Property Letter 1” which was sent to about a dozen people on 17th April 2002. Vicky and I and the family… Read more

On Capital Appreciation vs. Rental income

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Capital gain is the reason everyone gets into property investment but it is the rental income that finances the deal while you wait for the value to rise. In fact it is rental income that consumes a landlord and is a key factor in determining whether new buy-to-let investors stay the course. Many first time… Read more

Property Letter Postscript : July 8th 2006

Posted by admin in Business, Property Investment, Property Letters, The South of France | July 10th 2006

Dear All, Somebody should go for this one! It’s that simple. Vicky and I found it yesterday, and I have been waiting for a few details to come clear before writing. If you think you can, and if it suits your needs, please get back to me right away, between Wimbledon and World Cup distractions… Read more