Cannes G20 Summit hosts in November 2011

Posted by rachel in Cannes, Congresses, Politics, The South of France | November 19th 2010

The Mayor of Cannes, Bernard Brochand, has confirmed that Cannes has been chosen to host the 6th annual G20 Summit. On the provisional date of the 3rd/4th of November, Cannes’ Palais de Festival will welcome the heads of government from 19 different countries for their discussions of financial markets and the world’s economy.

Interesting Thoughts

Posted by admin in Politics | November 23rd 2007

Whilst thinking about Video Posts, and to temper the previous one with a dose of reality (never a bad thing) I came across this video … makes you think, if its stats are true, and I suppose they are … Tweet This Post

Shall we go Carbon-Neutral?

Posted by admin in Business, Policy, Politics | October 13th 2007

I was racking my brains about how we, as a company, can do something about Carbon Emissions. (We already do a bit. We print nothing we don’t have to, we produce no printed marketing material and only provide electronic invoicing, for example. Small stuff, but we DO think about things like that and do what… Read more

SURVEY: FRANCE : The art of the impossible

Posted by admin in Business, Politics, The South of France | November 5th 2006

A morose France has fallen behind its competitors. But there is nothing inevitable about its decline, argues Sophie Pedder: all it needs is political will Bridgeman “SOMETHING seems very wrong with this country. Once the very model of a modern major power—stable, rich and smug—it appears beset now by political and economic instability and by… Read more

Tired of globalisation

Posted by admin in Business, Politics | November 6th 2005

I found this article in this weeks Economist fascinating! FREDERIC BASTIAT, who was that rarest of creatures, a French free-market economist, wrote to this newspaper in 1846 to express a noble and romantic hope: “May all the nations soon throw down the barriers which separate them.” Those words were echoed 125 years later by the… Read more


Posted by admin in Politics, Property Investment, Property Letters, The South of France | May 14th 2005

Principal Source: “Les References immobilieres du notariat – Novembre 2004.” Chambres des Notaires des Alpes Maritimes 18 Rue du Congres 06000 Nice The laws, decrees, appendices, amendments and numerous administrative circulars that confront the seller and the buyer of property in France can quickly become a fearful source of confusion and disorientation. Fortunately the knowledge… Read more