Insurance for Renting

Posted by admin in Policy | April 25th 2012

We have negotiated an insurance package for our clients which is through ADAR INSURANCE If you choose to take out rentals insurance rather than pay a security deposit, you must register and pay for the insurance directly with ADAR who provide the policy. 1. Please go to this link: Adar Insurance 2. Fill out the… Read more

Azure Everything Code of Conduct

Posted by admin in Policy | December 31st 2008

Our Code of Conduct is built around the notion that everything we do in connection with our work should be measured against the highest possible standards of business conduct. We hire great people and we all work hard to build a great company, and it’s essential that we build an environment of trust and mutual… Read more

Rentals Pricing Policy

Posted by admin in Policy | December 29th 2008

Many people ask how exactly the pricing works vis a vis markups/ formulas/ taxes and how it relates to the prices that a Property Owner sets. The explanation below is as detailed and full as possible, and describes in as much detail as we are able to make public exactly how the pricing works, both… Read more

Shall we go Carbon-Neutral?

Posted by admin in Business, Policy, Politics | October 13th 2007

I was racking my brains about how we, as a company, can do something about Carbon Emissions. (We already do a bit. We print nothing we don’t have to, we produce no printed marketing material and only provide electronic invoicing, for example. Small stuff, but we DO think about things like that and do what… Read more