Smoke Detector regulations in France

Posted by admin in Cannes, Property Investment, Property Owners Info | November 12th 2014

On 08th of March, 2015 it will become compulsory for smoke detectors to be installed in homes and seasonal rental accommodation in France. They have to be installed by the accommodation’s occupier (home owner or tenant), and have to comply with the norms determined by the law n° 2010-238 dated 9th of March, 2010. Tweet… Read more

How to spot a Scam Enquiry

Posted by admin in Business, Property Owners Info | November 30th 2012

The rental business is a prime target for scammers and tricksters. Be aware! — a customer is paying, normally upfront for a stay in your property. It’s important that you protect yourself when doing business. Your best protection is being aware of various traits which can indicate a fraudulent enquiry. It is not always the… Read more

A new Property Tax for 2nd home owners in France?

Posted by admin in Business, Property Investment, Property Owners Info | May 16th 2011

Last Wednesday, (11 May) President Sarkozy’s cabinet approved a draft measure to impose a new tax on owners of second homes in France. If confirmed this legislature will affect French owners if they are resident abroad but keep a second home in France and it will also affect holiday-home owners who are resident abroad and… Read more

How to get more rentals as a property owner

Posted by admin in Property Owners Info | March 28th 2011

This is a question I am asked again and again … except the question is normally put “Is my property rented yet for such and such a date … ” Well. We provide the tools for Property owners who are registered with us to take a more active roll in the marketing of their aparment…. Read more

Happy Holidays!

Posted by sarbou in Cannes, Living, Property Owners Info, The South of France | December 21st 2010

2010 is drawing to its end… Once again another year has soared by on the Beautiful Cote d’azur. It’s been an exceptional year to say the least… Our team has expanded, to include our wonderful Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s), who will make the 2011 season a sensational success thanks to their personalised customer and supplier… Read more

Welcome Owners to Everything Cannes

Posted by rachel in Property Owners Info | October 22nd 2010

An all inclusive guide for prospective owners about who we are, what they can expect from us and how partnership with us can help maximize your rental revenues.

Azure rolls out ‘Owners Direct’ service in South France

Posted by admin in Property Owners Info | March 25th 2010

We are delighted that as of today we are beginning the roll out of a long planned ‘Owners Direct’ service to property owners in the South of France, particularly Cannes but also Nice and surrounds Certain reservation requests which come through 3rd party marketing sources (that we have been, and continue to actively develop) directly… Read more

Owners Extranet Pricing Update

Posted by admin in Property Owners Info | February 17th 2009

Since launching the new, improved Owners Extranet ( there is one part which a few people have experienced difficulty with. How to update avaiability in the Extranet. We believe that it is relatively straightforward, however below we have outlined in  detail the various steps required to update availabiltiy, and hope that it helps! We will… Read more

Owners – Direct rentals servicing

Posted by admin in Property Owners Info | January 27th 2009

Often Property Owners wish to do their own marketing, and to take reservations directly themselves. We are delighted when they do so, and are ready and able to assist in any way we can. We are delighted now to be able to offer our Rentals Platform as an official service throughout the year directly to… Read more