Smoke Detector regulations in France

Posted by admin in Cannes, Property Investment, Property Owners Info | November 12th 2014

On 08th of March, 2015 it will become compulsory for smoke detectors to be installed in homes and seasonal rental accommodation in France. They have to be installed by the accommodation’s occupier (home owner or tenant), and have to comply with the norms determined by the law n° 2010-238 dated 9th of March, 2010. Tweet… Read more

A new Property Tax for 2nd home owners in France?

Posted by admin in Business, Property Investment, Property Owners Info | May 16th 2011

Last Wednesday, (11 May) President Sarkozy’s cabinet approved a draft measure to impose a new tax on owners of second homes in France. If confirmed this legislature will affect French owners if they are resident abroad but keep a second home in France and it will also affect holiday-home owners who are resident abroad and… Read more


Posted by admin in Property Investment | October 22nd 2008

Dear All, Trompe-l’œil (French – “trick the eye”) is an art technique involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects appear in three-dimensions, instead of actually being a two-dimensional painting.” (Wikipedia) It is a very popular art form in this part of France, and this side of an… Read more

Postcard from the Riviera. No 3

Posted by admin in Property Investment, Property Letters | January 6th 2008

What about the “downturn” on the Cote d’Azur? It is true that there is a great deal of talk about the end of a ten year worldwide property boom following the credit crunch in America. Credit may be more difficult to access for a while. Prices may soften, and people who have bought for a… Read more


Posted by admin in Property Investment, Property Letters | December 14th 2007

Dear All, Vicky and I have arrived back in Cape Town to celebrate Christmas, the New Year and a family wedding but will be back in Cannes on 10th January. It is beautiful here, and lovely to get a “whiff of Africa”, even if the Cape isn’t “real Africa”. We would both like to wish… Read more

Why Property Owners should engage in a Management Program

Posted by admin in Cannes, Property Investment | November 16th 2007

» Wide Marketing Reach » Central Calendar Control » Sophisticated Reporting » Realtime Notifications In terms of running their rentals, Property Owners can play it one of 2 ways. 1. They can take a direct and hands on interest in their rentals Using an assorted mix of agencies, personal contacts and their own marketing to… Read more


Posted by admin in Property Investment, Property Letters | October 17th 2007

Dear All, Usually I include photos, and convert this to a PDF file which is more professional. However we are preparing to go to Amsterdam for the marathon this weekend and we have people visiting so I’m going to send the Property Letter as it is this time. I’d prefer it gets out sooner rather… Read more

Postcard from the Riviera 2

Posted by admin in Property Investment, Property Letters | September 7th 2007

How to Invest in Property in France. I don’t speak French! And anyway, how would I finance it? The process explained, step by step: 1.    Identification of the property. 2.    Offer and Agreement. Negotiations are generally short and agreement is often reached through the agent in a day or less. Protracted negotiations are considered as… Read more

PROPERTY LETTER 28th August 2007

Posted by admin in Property Investment, Property Letters | August 28th 2007

Dear All, Oops, Here we go again. We were all a bit stunned by reversals in world financial markets (once again). Headlines announced the biggest 1-day fall (16th August) since March 2003, and the FTSE hit its lowest level since September 2006. To my simple brain that meant that anything I may have made on… Read more

PROPERTY LETTER 12th July 2007

Posted by admin in Property Investment, Property Letters | July 12th 2007

Dear All, There are some excellent properties at the bottom of this letter. Please have a good look at them. This is a very interesting market, and an exciting part of the world to be involved, at whatever level. I have in front of me the Knight Frank annual report for 2006 – For anyone… Read more