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Posted by admin in The South of France | December 12th 2004

The south of France predominately Cannes, promotes itself as the California of Europe, the multilingual film centre of the world, at least for the fortnight when this, the most famous film festival in the world, unveils its latest package of stars and stars-in-the-ascendant. In the hills above Cannes, a kilometer or two away from our… Read more


Posted by admin in The South of France | September 12th 2004

This week Iraq is under attack which seems incredible and unbelievable, especially as it plays out on our TV screens. However most important decisions are made under conditions of uncertainty, and they will inevitably cause us anxiety and concern. Our ability to act in spite of our fears will determine whether we succeed or fail…. Read more

The French Riviera � The Cote �d Azur

Posted by admin in The South of France | June 4th 2002

The Cote d’ Azur stretches from Menton on the French / Italian border, through Monaco, Nice and Cannes to St Tropez in the West. It can be covered is less than an hour and a half drive, end to end, on the A8 motorway. It stretches from the beautiful Mediterranean to the mountains, a narrow… Read more