The microsoft-less office (and the future of business)

Posted by admin in Technology | May 1st 2007

I hesitate to call myself visionary, but I have for years seen the coming of the application-less office (Or Microsoft-less office, it could be called). Visualise a practically dumb terminal with one piece of Software. A browser. One caveat to this posting. I am not talking about the operating system … yet … ho-hummmm! Tweet… Read more

Site Changes

Posted by admin in Technology | October 16th 2005

re-name the left-hand navigation link to “Mipcom 2006” and locate it now under the “Cannes Boat Show” link. done Tweet This Post

Technology Update: Website Content

Posted by admin in Technology | October 8th 2005

Changed Strucure/ Format of all Congress pages: Changed all Left Nav menu items to format … NAMEOFCONGRESS.php and added Footer links for SPECIFIC CONGRESSES, with Naming Convention NAMEOFCONGRESS-YEAR.PHP Tweet This Post