Who we are- Who is behind the organisation

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The group of companies were set up as a family business, which has naturally grown from small beginnings … We have visited the Cote d’Azur for many years and have good and long term friends here. But before we started buying we travelled up and down the length of it. We looked at Nice, Villefranche… Read more


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What is an SCI? The Societe Civile Immobiliere is a fully incorporated company, whose registered office must be in France – this can be the property itself. Alternatively, the SCI can be domiciled at an administrative office in France. An SCI can be used to purchase either a property or land which will subsequently be… Read more


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SCI feasibility study and legal incorporation fees : from 1 700 to 2 100 € SCI legal registration fees and taxes: 550€ Recurring bookkeeping and accounting fees: (according to size) from 1 700€ to 2 200€ annually. SCI related Personal yearly Income Tax submission: 350€ SCI yearly Tax submission: 1 230€ SCI related Yearly Capital… Read more


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IMPORTANT – please do not be confused. I have worked the figures below on a global unit of 19 apartments together because YOU can work out proportionally what YOU may face if you went for one smaller apartment, or two, etc. I can’t easily do 19 projections today but you can extract any one you… Read more


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Price – 800 000€ Living space – Size of plot – Tax Fonciere – Tax d’Habitation – Charges and Levys (if applicable) – Approximate construction – 1950 Distance to Cannes – 30 minutes: Antibes – 20 minutes: Nice Airport – 20 minutes Tweet This Post


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Principal Source: “Les References immobilieres du notariat – Novembre 2004.” Chambres des Notaires des Alpes Maritimes 18 Rue du Congres 06000 Nice The laws, decrees, appendices, amendments and numerous administrative circulars that confront the seller and the buyer of property in France can quickly become a fearful source of confusion and disorientation. Fortunately the knowledge… Read more

Property Letter – 2nd May 2005.

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Dear All, (Please scroll forward if you don’t want to read the letter below, but just want to look at the properties we recommend. I know this is rather long, but the feedback I get is that people who are interested in investment in property generally, or in Cannes in particular, are genuinely interested and… Read more


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Update – April 2005. We continue to learn here every day. The more we learn the more we feel that we have very good long term prospects in exactly what we are doing. Our focus from the beginning has been on properties that you and I might not necessarily buy for ourselves and our friends… Read more

Property Letter – March 15th 2005

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Dear All, I am back in Cape Town for March and part of April, and I must say it lovely to be here after what seemed like a long winter of 2.5 months in the UK and Europe. In my last two weeks in Cannes I came across a few really good apartments which I… Read more

Property Letter – February 15th 2005

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Dear All, Vicky returned to Cape Town last weekend, and I follow her in less than two weeks, only for the month of March so that we can enjoy the “Two Oceans” on Easter Saturday as usual, and some time with the family. Adam and Alice have been with us in Europe for the last… Read more