How to get more rentals as a property owner

Posted by admin in Property Owners Info | March 28th 2011

This is a question I am asked again and again … except the question is normally put “Is my property rented yet for such and such a date … ” Well. We provide the tools for Property owners who are registered with us to take a more active roll in the marketing of their aparment…. Read more

Customer service in France and in the United States

Posted by admin in Business, The South of France | January 6th 2011

A very short blog post, simply because I have a situation right now which has tickled me, and very clearly shows the difference between ‘Customer Service’ in France as opposed to the United States … you should read on for humor reasons if nothing else!! Tweet This Post

Happy Holidays!

Posted by sarbou in Cannes, Living, Property Owners Info, The South of France | December 21st 2010

2010 is drawing to its end… Once again another year has soared by on the Beautiful Cote d’azur. It’s been an exceptional year to say the least… Our team has expanded, to include our wonderful Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s), who will make the 2011 season a sensational success thanks to their personalised customer and supplier… Read more

Cannes G20 Summit hosts in November 2011

Posted by rachel in Cannes, Congresses, Politics, The South of France | November 19th 2010

The Mayor of Cannes, Bernard Brochand, has confirmed that Cannes has been chosen to host the 6th annual G20 Summit. On the provisional date of the 3rd/4th of November, Cannes’ Palais de Festival will welcome the heads of government from 19 different countries for their discussions of financial markets and the world’s economy.

Guide to exploring the Cote d Azur

Posted by rachel in Living, Uncategorized | November 2nd 2010

Guide to exploring the Cote d’Azur The Cote d’Azur is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world, attracting the rich and famous all year round. For those wanting to adventure out, we have put together this guide to the region. Everything listed is fully accessible from your accommodation in Cannes with… Read more

A Guide to Cannes Nightlife

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A Guide to Cannes Nightlife Cannes, as one of the most glamorous spots on the Riviera, has nightlife to rival any major city. Despite its relatively small size, Cannes’ atmosphere is decadent and exciting. Knowing where to go is integral to finding that electrifying atmosphere. Below you will find a guide to a Cannoise night… Read more

Guide to Cannes for a Congress Goer

Posted by rachel in Cannes | October 22nd 2010

A handful of suggestions for dining and entertainment in Cannes for anyone attending the congresses in Cannes.

Welcome Owners to Everything Cannes

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An all inclusive guide for prospective owners about who we are, what they can expect from us and how partnership with us can help maximize your rental revenues.

Cannes Property Letter 90

Posted by admin in Property Letters | October 21st 2010

Cannes Oxford. Coteaux.  (See property below) PL 90: PROPERTY LETTER October 2010. Dear All, I almost never get asked questions like “how’s the weather?”or “is there much to do and see?” or “are the people friendly?” or “was it a good film festival this year?” Without doubt the most commonly asked question (by you) is… Read more

Cannes Property letter 87

Posted by admin in Property Letters | April 23rd 2010

PL 87, PROPERTY LETTER Dear All, Having fairly recently sent you a Property Letter (17th February) and promised to follow up with some more properties, I am going to split this into two separate letters, aimed at two different audiences. You will receive both however as I can not know which you will find more… Read more