TVA/ VAT and bookings

Posted by admin in Accounting | March 3rd 2009

For  bookings made through Azure Online UK there is no VAT on the invoices made out since Azure Online is not a VAT registered company. For bookings made through SARL Everything Cannes, prices are inclusive of TVA, & customers may get a TVA invoice on completion of the rental Whether Customers can claim back their… Read more

Cost of doing business in France

Posted by admin in Business | February 25th 2009

We provide a large range of services, some of which (Houskeeping, for example) are very labour intensive. We have been asked in the past to ‘Justify’ the prices that we charge for these labour intensive services, and to that end herewith some broad information and explanations in the spirit of transparency and accountability! Noone gets… Read more

Owners Extranet Pricing Update

Posted by admin in Property Owners Info | February 17th 2009

Since launching the new, improved Owners Extranet ( there is one part which a few people have experienced difficulty with. How to update avaiability in the Extranet. We believe that it is relatively straightforward, however below we have outlined in  detail the various steps required to update availabiltiy, and hope that it helps! We will… Read more

Owners – Direct rentals servicing

Posted by admin in Property Owners Info | January 27th 2009

Often Property Owners wish to do their own marketing, and to take reservations directly themselves. We are delighted when they do so, and are ready and able to assist in any way we can. We are delighted now to be able to offer our Rentals Platform as an official service throughout the year directly to… Read more

Property Owners and Tax Returns

Posted by admin in Accounting | January 6th 2009

We are often asked by Non-Resident Property Owners how taxation works, how returns should be done and in what time frames. We hope that this post will give a little bit of direction. Everyones personal affairs are slightly different, and we always recommend that an ‘Expert Comptable’ is used. ESPECIALLY for the first one or… Read more

Azure Everything Code of Conduct

Posted by admin in Policy | December 31st 2008

Our Code of Conduct is built around the notion that everything we do in connection with our work should be measured against the highest possible standards of business conduct. We hire great people and we all work hard to build a great company, and it’s essential that we build an environment of trust and mutual… Read more

Rentals Pricing Policy

Posted by admin in Policy | December 29th 2008

Many people ask how exactly the pricing works vis a vis markups/ formulas/ taxes and how it relates to the prices that a Property Owner sets. The explanation below is as detailed and full as possible, and describes in as much detail as we are able to make public exactly how the pricing works, both… Read more

Property Letter

Posted by admin in Property Letters | November 19th 2008

PL79 – Renovations, Improvements and Adding Value. Dear All, FROM SOW’S EAR – TO SILK PURSE. Many people ask the same question – « Can’t you find us somewhere that needs renovation? » The motivations are many but underlying it is always the thought that there might be an unrecognised bargain out there. Perhaps we can find… Read more


Posted by admin in Property Letters | November 6th 2008

Dear All, “Call the Bottom Dad!” …is what Lao said to me recently. We were talking about the market and the release of the “Residential Market Review for the third quarter 2008, published in October by CB Richard Ellis, a worldwide property consultancy firm who publish research results and market reports which are respected by… Read more


Posted by admin in Property Investment | October 22nd 2008

Dear All, Trompe-l’œil (French – “trick the eye”) is an art technique involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects appear in three-dimensions, instead of actually being a two-dimensional painting.” (Wikipedia) It is a very popular art form in this part of France, and this side of an… Read more