A Postcard from the Riviera.

Posted by admin in Property Letters | October 6th 2008

FRENCH PROPERTY & THE GLOBAL CRISIS. (While Riviera Sales Slow Values Hold Firm.) « Ce qui a changé, ce qu’il faut faire. » (What has changed, what one must do.) In general, after nearly a decade of increases the French property market has levelled somewhat and banks are tightening access to credit, albeit much less… Read more


Posted by admin in Property Letters | September 18th 2008

Dear All, Vicky and I arrived back last week from a wet and windy Cape Town to Cannes with the “Festival International de la Plaisance” – The 31st Cannes International Boat and Yacht Show – in full swing. Billed as Europe’s foremost in-water showcase there are 650 of the worlds finest yachts and multihulls on… Read more

Postcards from the Riviera

Posted by admin in Property Letters | August 6th 2008

Owning “A Little Piece of the French Riviera”: This is the fourth in this series of Postcards from the Riviera and judging by the interest that the articles have generated so far (all are available on http://www.realestateweb.co.za or at http://www.azur-accom.com/), there is a great deal of interest within the South African investment community in the… Read more


Posted by admin in Property Letters | August 5th 2008

Dear All, Market update: The next year is going to be tough while we ride out the downside of an economic cycle which follows six years of low interest rates and rising property and asset prices. Most predictions are for a return to stability in 2009 and a return to economic growth in 2010. France… Read more

Property Letter 74

Posted by admin in Property Letters | July 11th 2008

Dear All, We’ve had a very good couple of months in Cannes. Some have invested and none of them will regret it. Others have visited us and had a good look around, but decided to “wait and watch” – with the current environment and talk of recession it isn’t surprising that people are hesitant, but… Read more

Property Letter 73

Posted by admin in Property Letters | June 12th 2008

Dear All, I’m only featuring one property today. It just missed my Property Letter of 28th May, but it’s so worth while proposing to you on its own because for someone it’s the investment dream come true. We’ve seen many properties in the last few weeks and I could add some other beautiful options but… Read more


Posted by admin in Property Letters | May 29th 2008

PL72: PROPERTY LETTER 28TH May 2008 Dear All, Word gets around and many of you have heard that I had a medical problem while back in South Africa recently. We have had many kind letters and phone calls and we appreciate them all very much. Thank you. I had a laminectomy and an angiogram (big… Read more


Posted by admin in Property Letters | March 4th 2008

PL70 PROPERTY LETTER 4TH March 2008 Dear All, It’s been a very busy winter (winter’s a joke down here – it’s the best kept secret) and it’s nearing time for us to get back to Cape Town for a spell with the African branch of our family. We still have Dads, our younger son, my… Read more

Just a bit of fun, Thank God for humour!

Posted by admin in Living | February 29th 2008

Here is an MP3 sent to me by a friend. Only really worth listening to if you know about things South African and the personalities there …  but if you do … ENJOY! 😉 Tweet This Post

Postcard from the Riviera. No 3

Posted by admin in Property Investment, Property Letters | January 6th 2008

What about the “downturn” on the Cote d’Azur? It is true that there is a great deal of talk about the end of a ten year worldwide property boom following the credit crunch in America. Credit may be more difficult to access for a while. Prices may soften, and people who have bought for a… Read more